Oklahoma State University

    OCES Celebrates 100 years in Oklahoma
    The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service kicked off its year-long Centennial Celebration with a two day conference held at OSU in Stillwater. The conference boasted over 350 Extension faculty, specialists, and staff from all across Oklahoma’s 77 counties. It opened on January 22nd with a luncheon honoring Extension retirees, followed by a keynote address from Steve Stark who gave an “Illustrated History” presentation of Land Grant Universities and the Cooperative Extension service.

    The afternoon consisted of a Social Media panel discussion and the first concurrent session with topics such as Farm Bill Commodity/Crop Insurance Program, The Power of Habit and Smart Phone Ag Apps. Day two of the conference included 5 more concurrent sessions in over 30 topics. The conference concluded with a Centennial Celebration in OSU’s Ballroom. Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb gave an inspirational speech on the positive impacts Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service has had, and will have, on the communities and residents of Oklahoma.
Upcoming Events
    2014 Statewide Women in Ag & Small Business
    Date: August 7-8, 2014
    Location: Moore Norman Tech Center, Oklahoma City
    Contact: Sara Siems,  405-744-9826,  sara.siems@okstate.edu

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